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Obviously the most important thing necessary for your involvement in embryo transfer is selectio..


Superovulation is the process utilized to force your donor to produce multiple ova to become fer..


**Successful embryo transfer programs require intensive management and attention to detail. The ..


Although not as critical as the donor selection in terms of your operation, it does not lag far ..

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Superovulation is the process utilized to force your donor to produce multiple ova to become fertilized for embryo collection. It involves the administration of an FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) product over a period of days with multiple injections. Some of the products used currently are Folltropin and Pluset.


For many of you this will be remedial, but for the new owners, I will make some general guidelines to follow.


·         The products will need to be reconstituted prior to administration. Always use a sterile needle and syringe to add the diluent to the powder

·         Always refrigerate the bottle after mixing

·         Use a sterile 3cc 20gauge 1.5 inch needle to administer the FSH. Do NOT use the same needles and syringes on multiple donors. This creates unnecessary risk of transmitting diseases particularly Bovine Leukosis Virus throughout your donor population.

·         Give injections deep IM following BQA recommendations (in the neck). Do NOT give them on the top of the hip particularly in fat animals. This is an IM product and can be injected in fat on some animals.

·         Follow your schedules closely. Donor injections should be given 8-12 hours apart. Follow the amounts as scheduled closely. As we gain experience with each donors, the dosages they receive will vary. It is imperative that you follow your schedules.

·         Freeze any unused FSH in the bottle. You can use this in the future if you need a small amount to finish another donor.


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